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June Reenactment Photo Album

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June 1, 1997

  • A Welcome Day of Rest -- Location: Scottsbluff - 541 miles left, Nebraska We were so happy to have a day of rest. It was a long week. We spent the day attending services, reading, writing and soothing our blisters and aching bones.
  • No Walking Today! -- Location: Scottsbluff - 541 miles left, Nebraska This is our Sunday Service. There were about 1100 people in attendance. The temperature got up to 95 degrees (it made it hard to stay awake during services). The pioneers used their Sundays to rest and worship too.

June 2, 1997

  • Gretchen and Marylou Pollat -- Location: Torrington, Wyoming This was taken at the Fairgrounds in Torrington. Gretchen had driven ahead to make sure our arrangements had been taken care of. As usual, everyone was helpful and friendly. They said they had been preparing for us for a year!
  • Friendly Folks in the Small Town of Henry -- Location: Henry, Nebraska On the right is Gretchen Petramalo. She is from our Trek and drives ahead to the towns we will be coming to and makes sure arrangements have been made. Some of the people in Henry took their vacation time to prepare for us. THANKS!
  • Torrington Chamber of Commerce -- Location: Torrington, Wyoming This is Gretchen with the people at the Torrington Chamber of Commerce. These people are another example of the generosity and genuine hospitality shown to us all across the trail. THANKS to every kind heart and helping hand.

June 3, 1997

  • Michelle and Anna -- Location: Henry, Nebraska Michelle and Anna, ages 14 and 13, have inherited the pioneer spirit from their grandfather Joe Vogel.
  • Joe and Donna Vogel -- Location: Mitchell, Nebraska Joe's wife, Donna Vogel, tells him to be careful on the trail before the day's journey begins.
  • On the Road Again -- Location: Mitchell, Nebraska Joe Vogel leads the wagon train with blue skies ahead. Road conditions have improved quite a bit since 1847.
  • Joe Gets Ready to Ride -- Location: Mitchell, Nebraska Joe Vogel readies his horse on his last day as wagon master.
  • A Fond Farewell -- Location: Henry, Nebraska A beloved wagonmaster, Joe, gives his farewell speech from the flatbed of a tractor-trailer rig.
  • Joe Riding Ahead -- Location: Mitchell, Nebraska Joe Vogel rides ahead of the wagons towards the border of Wyoming.

June 4, 1997

  • Kate Kelly, Committee Chair at Torrington -- Location: Torrington, Wyoming Our program in Torrington was under the development of Kate Kelly. She has done a lot to prepare for the 4th of June. It has been a great time in Torrington. I hope the folks here know how much we appreciate their work and efforts in our behalf.
  • Piggy-back in a Bonnet -- Location: Torrington, Wyoming Big brother gives little sister a piggy-back ride.
  • Elder Pinnock and Cheyenne Celebration Singers -- Location: Torrington, Wyoming This evening Elder Pinnock of the Mormon Church addressed the group, and we enjoyed the performance from the Cheyenne Celebration Singers. They were excellent.
  • Entering Wyoming -- Location: Torrington, Wyoming Wagons and walkers entering Wyoming. The journey doesn't seem so far now. We missed the Wyoming State sign in our excitement.
  • James Fairbourn on Horse -- Location: Torrington, Wyoming James Fairbourn is an outrider for the wagon team.
  • Floyd Sherman and Grandson -- Location: Torrington, Wyoming Floyd Sherman rides the wagon with his grandson Kevin. Today is Kevin's birthday. Happy Birthday Kevin!

June 6, 1997

  • Fort Laramie at Sunset -- Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming There are about three buildings up on the hill that are falling apart. From down here at our campsite, the remaining pillars against the horizon look strikingly like stonehenge. --Brent C. Moore
  • Fort Laramie's Restored Buildings -- Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming Just south of the hill are 7 or 8 buildings that have been preserved in their original state. All of the rooms look as if the soldiers or officers just walked out a few minutes ago. --B.C. Moore
  • Push Along -- Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming Children taking their turn at the handcart as they remember a primary song about the pioneers-- Put your shoulder to the wheel push along. Do your duty with a heart full of song. We all have work, let no one shirk. Put your shoulder to the wheel.
  • Tent and Teepee -- Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming One of my favorite places to visit at Fort Laramie was the camp set up right next to the Platte. It was a small A-frame tent with an almost set up teepee There were parcels wrapped up in the authentic way. --W. Westergard
  • Fort Laramie Amidst Prairie Grass -- Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming The prairie grass that we are camping on is green, and there are small cactus plants scattered all over. --B.C. Moore
  • Children and Handcart -- Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming Children pose in front of a handcart looking eager to give it a try.

June 7, 1997

  • Across the Top of Plateau -- Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming We rolled out at 7AM across Ft. Laramie and up onto the hills above the river. Our view for the entire day was up on the hills. M. Clark
  • Pulling Out of Laramie -- Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming We pulled out of Ft. Laramie this morning as usual, wagons first, then horse riders, then handcarts. There were about 400 walkers and 9 handcarts. As we went over a hill, I looked back to see the walkers. The train stretched out for over a mile. I was an incredible site. B.C. Moore
  • Wagons West out of Ft. Laramie -- Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming It was the beginning of a beautiful day as we left Ft. Laramie and began our 13 mile trek to Guernsey.
  • Outriders at Ft. Laramie -- Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming A group of outriders bring a touch of excitement to the calm and picturesque countryside.
  • Incredible Sunrise over Ft. Laramie -- Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming When I woke up, I pulled the curtain back and the entire morning sky was bright orange. No pinks, magentas, or reds....just orange. And it was the whole sky. M. Clark

June 8, 1997

  • These Ruts are Deep! -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming Traffic by wagons, animals, and people have carved deep ruts in this trail.
  • Jury Toone and Some Customers at Souvenir Stand -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming This is such a fun place to spend an evening! It is really neat to watch families come together to buy their trinkets and stuff. There's always a lot of bantering and fun. It's a great place to kid around with the children.
  • Thistle Flower -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming These plants look similar to Russian Thistle back home and they're just as prickly.
  • Mormon Wagon Train Souvenir Stand -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming Marjean and Jury Toone pose outside the souvenir stand.
  • Pine Scented Ground Covering -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming Sometimes the little things are often unnoticed and these little white flowers are a beautiful contrast to the pine cone covered ground.
  • Flowers Along the Trail -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming The flowers are really starting to come out and the recent rains have all the brush a beautiful green. M. Clark
  • Oregan Trail Ruts Marker -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming The Oregan Trail Ruts is recognized as a national historic landmark. Many wagon trains have passed over this trail.
  • Prickly Pear -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming This is a prickly pear cactus blossom, the first I've ever seen! I've been watching for them the whole trip.
  • Guernsey Ruts -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming This afternoon was full of activity. The Guernsey ruts are very close and a lot of us walked over the trail. Such an interesting thing to see. M. Clark
  • Red Ant Bed -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming Watch out where you step! These red ants are industrious but nobody said they were hospitable.
  • Jury and Marjean Toone -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming Marjean and Jury are just a lot of fun. They are just perfect for this job.
  • Deep and Steep Ruts -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming Wagon Trekkers looking down at the deep ruts carved into the steep hillside are instilled with a renewed appreciation for the hardships of past pioneers.
  • Yellow Desert Flower -- Location: Guernsey, Wyoming We have enjoyed looking at the many species of flowers growing wild by the trail.

June 9, 1997

  • Directing the Wagons to Circle -- Location: Glendo, Wyoming Bob's final responsibility for the day is showing the wagons to the circle and making sure they form the circle correctly. He uses a staff to direct traffic and all the wagons are finally in. --M. Clark
  • Making Arrangements at Douglas Fairgrounds -- Location: Douglas, Wyoming Bob Haderle and Mary make arrangements with Bob for the next night's campsight at the Fairgrounds.
  • Bob Calling the Morning Meeting -- Location: Glendo, Wyoming Head campjack Bob Haderle's first job of the day is to ring everyone to morning meeting. He uses his triangle for this. --M. Clark
  • Thumbs Up to a Tiring but Sucessful Day -- Location: Glendo, Wyoming Today was an extremely long day. We went 29 miles today through tough terrain. It was the most beautiful day. --W. Westergard

June 11, 1997

  • Natural Bridge -- Location: Ayres Natural Bridge State Park, Wyoming I cannot end this day without mentioning our visit to Natural Bridge. It is like an oasis in the desert. What a beautiful place. --M. Clark
  • Red Rock at Natural Bridge -- Location: Ayres Natural Bridge State Park, Wyoming Some of the rock formations near Natural Bridge were red like the much of the rock in Utah.
  • Amy and Brent -- Location: Ayres Natural Bridge State Park, Wyoming Amy and B.C. pose for a picture in front of purple flowers. Read Brent's journal entries daily.

June 12, 1997

  • Larry Walker --a Man with a Bus and a Vision -- Location: Glenrock, Wyoming I think under that rough exterior, we have your teddy bear cowboy. Larry, I really enjoyed my day with you, you old soft toughie. --M. Clark
  • Larry Behind the Wheel -- Location: Glenrock, Wyoming Today was hot and walking on pavement can really tire people out. We started getting stragglers early. The bus filled up quickly. Larry always encouraged people who got on the bus to go to the rear and get a drink first thing. --M. Clark

June 16, 1997

  • Fort Casper -- Location: Casper, Wyoming Milling around the grounds of Fort Casper is like stepping back into the old west.
  • Sego Lilly -- Location: Casper, Wyoming The sego lilly is an indigenous plant of the west. The bulb of the lilly is edible.
  • Potty Break -- Location: Casper, Wyoming Trekkers taking a necessary rest stop just outside of Casper.
  • On the Trail Outside of Casper -- Location: Casper, Wyoming There was such a strong spirit on the trail, I could feel it within my heart. The pioneers sacrifice seemed so great as I listened to the wheels of the handcart crush against the pebbles. --W. Westergard
  • Sweetwater River -- Location: Casper, Wyoming We are walking the same trails, and seeing the same country. We try to look over the broad landscape, remove the railroad tracks, the highways, the power poles, the farmhouses, and see the country the way they saw it. Things have not changed much, and when you travel at 3 miles per hour the scene becomes etched in your memory forever. --M. Clark

June 17, 1997

  • Nearing Martin's Cove -- Location: Martin's Cove - 302 miles left, Wyoming Today was another 28 mile journey. Blisters and exhaustion are common occurences but the spirit and determination of the walkers drives them onward.
  • Names from the Past -- Location: Independence Rock - 314 miles left, Wyoming We all climbed on Independence Rock. It is a big granite rock. It got its name because a group of fur trappers spent the night here on the forth of July and celebrated. They wrote Independence Rock on it. --D. Whitaker
  • Tent City -- Location: Independence Rock - 314 miles left, Wyoming The sun sets over camper's tents in the shadow of Independence Rock.
  • View from Independence Rock Westward -- Location: Independence Rock - 314 miles left, Wyoming I had not seen any of these formations before in person or in pictures so they meant the same to me as they would have for the pioneers. It was incredible. --W. Westergard
  • Pressing Forward Past Devil's Gate --Location: Devil's Gate - 309 miles left, Wyoming. We are on blacktop and it is so hot that it is sticking to our shoes and on the wheels of the wagons. We are traveling by some original ruts. --D. Whitaker

June 18, 1997

  • Approaching Storm -- Location: Martin's Cove - 302 miles left, Wyoming A storm rises up drenching the camp.
  • A Group Picture - Pioneers Today -- Location: Martin's Cove - 302 miles left, Wyoming Taken by Welden Andersen outside the Mormon Cemetary Visitors Center. B.C. (Brent) and Amy are in the picture.
  • Rainbow After the Storm -- Location: Martin's Cove - 302 miles left, Wyoming We were witness to the most beautiful rainbow after the storm had passed.

June 20, 1997

  • Family at Split Rock -- Location: Split Rock, Wyoming Members of the LDS Jerome, Idaho ward with Barry Hamilton who is Margaret's cousin.
  • Mormon/Oregon Trail Marker -- Location: Split Rock, Wyoming Much of the area we were on today was the actual Oregon, Mormon, and Pony Express Trail. It was a huge expanse of land. --M. Clark
  • Handcart and Family -- Location: Split Rock, Wyoming Pulling a handcart is a family affair!
  • Rest Time on the Trail -- Location: Split Rock, Wyoming Wagon trekkers take a needed rest at mid-day.

June 22, 1997

  • Trading Hats -- Location: Jeffrey City, Wyoming Mike Dunn discovers what it's like to wear a bonnet. Are you ready to give up your cowboy hat Mike?
  • Dale the Outrider -- Location: Jeffrey City, Wyoming Outriders assist the wagon train by helping to make sure everyone is doing ok. Dale is doing a great job.
  • Mosquitos Alive! -- Location: Jeffrey City, Wyoming The mosquitos have been eating us and the horses alive this morning as we drove through the trail. --D. Whitaker
  • Wagons and Blue Skies -- Location: Jeffrey City, Wyoming This wagon train makes an impressive sight against the clear blue skies of Wyoming.

June 26, 1997

  • Walkers on Trail -- Location: Rocky Ridge - 241 miles left, Wyoming The walkers often sing songs to keep up their spirits while on the trail.
  • Pulling into Camp -- Location: Rocky Ridge - 241 miles left, Wyoming Bob Lowe on horseback guides the wagons into camp.
  • Across the Sagebrush toward Rocky Ridge -- Location: Rocky Ridge - 241 miles left, Wyoming We had that genuine, almost pristine, experience of walking in expansive, quiet Wyoming in the dust and the heat just like the real pioneers. It was what we were all longing for ... what we all wanted all along. --Claudia
  • Handcart People -- Location: Rocky Ridge - 241 miles left, Wyoming James pulling the handcart along with Sarah and Grant.

June 28, 1997

  • The Road is Long -- Location: South Pass - 210~ miles left, Wyoming Handcarts and company are on route to South Pass.
  • Joseph Johnstun -- Location: South Pass - 210~ miles left, Wyoming Joseph keeps pace with the wagon train with the Windriver Mountains in the background.

June 29, 1997

  • Sunday Meeting at Pacific Springs camp. -- Location: Pacific Springs, Wyoming Leon Wilkinson addresses the wagon train participants during a Sunday meeting.
  • A New Wagon -- Location: Pacific Springs, Wyoming A new wagon arrives on the wagon train.
  • Doug -- Location: Pacific Springs, Wyoming Doug is very dependable with the handcarts.
  • Pacific Springs Marker -- Location: Pacific Springs, Wyoming We spent Sunday here.
  • Sunday Services -- Location: Pacific Springs, Wyoming Sunday church goers enjoy church services in the great outdoors.
  • John and Abe -- Location: Pacific Springs, Wyoming John and his friend Abe look out for each other on the trail.

June 30, 1997

  • Silhouettes Against the Sky -- Location: Parting of the Ways, Wyoming Leon Wilkinson and a BLM representative make a striking pose in front of the morning sky.
  • Morning Meeting Agenda -- Location: Parting of the Ways, Wyoming Leon Wilkinson discusses the upcoming day's events at the early morning meeting.