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Pioneer 1847 Companies

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Brigham Young Description

Brigham YoungBrigham Young, Lion of the Lord, American Moses, and second president of the Church. The April 1852 edition of the New York Herald printed a letter from Jedediah Grant, mayor of Salt Lake City, in which he applied an appropriately Western frontier metaphor to characterize Brigham Young: "I can't undertake to explain Brigham Young to your Atlantic citizens, or expect you to put him at his value. Your great men Eastward are to me like your ivory and pearl handled table knives, balance[d] handles, more shiny than the inside of my watch case; but, with only edge enough to slice bread and cheese or help spoon victuals, and all alike by the dozen one with another. Brigham is the article that sells out West with us - between a Roman cutlass and a beef butcher knife, the thing to cut up a deer or cut down an enemy, and that will save your life or carve your dinner every bit as well, though the handpice is buck horn and the case a hogskin hanging in the breech of your pantloons. You, that judge men by the handle and the sheath, how can I make you know a good Blade?"

Source: Life in Zion Life in Zion: An Intimate Look at the Latter-day Saints, 1820-1995 © William W. Slaughter. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Copies of photos and text may not be made without the express permission in writing by Deseret Book Company. http://deseretbook.com ISBN 0-87579-893-4