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Pioneer 1847 Companies

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Thomas Bullock, 1847, Return to Winter Quarters

In the afternoon of August 7th [in Salt Lake City], 1847, Pres. Young and party went to the block which had been selected as the place upon which they would build their temple. It was here that each selected his "inheritance in Zion." President Young took the block east of the temple site; Heber C. Kimball the block north of the temple; Orson Pratt, south, and Wilford Woodruff, cornering on the temple ground. George A. Smith chose on the west and Amasa Lyman one near Wilford Woodruff. All members of the original pioneer band who desired to do so were permitted to select their city lots. This action protected the rights of those who were returning to Winter Quarters for the purpose of bringing their families to the Valley of the Mountains.

Soon Pres. Young and the group chosen began making preparations for the return journey. The company, consisting of 107 men, 36 wagons, 71 horses and 49 mules, left the Valley of the Great Salt Lake on August 26th, their purpose to bring their families and any others desiring to come to the Valley. After a safe journey they arrived in Winter Quarters October 31st, 1847.

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