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Pioneer 1848-1868 Companies

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1861 (age 8), Hill (Hall), Caroline Elizabeth (First Wagon Train sent from Utah)

Caroline Elizabeth Hill was born April 8, 1853 in Mordiford, England to Harvey and Mary Griffith Hill. Her mother became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1855 and six years later she with her mother and a two year old brother left England for America, April 16, 1861. They sailed on the ship City of Manchester with 380 Saints aboard, under the direction of Claudius V. Spencer.

They proceeded by train to Winter Quarters where they remained five weeks waiting for teams to come from Utah. During this time her brother died and was buried there. This left the mother and her small daughter to continue the journey alone. They crossed the plains in the first oxen train sent from Utah to bring Saints who could not afford to go with independent companies. This train was partly loaded with merchandise so the Saints could not bring necessities. They left Florence, Neb. June 30, 1861 in Capt. Eldredge's company arriving in the valley Aug. 22, 1861.

Caroline was married to Phillip Hall Oct. 14, 1870. There were seven children by this marriage. Caroline was cheerful and willing to help others, faithful to the ideals which brought her to this valley. She died Aug. 3, 1934 in Salt Lake City.

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