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Margaret Clark Journals

April 19, 1997

Location: Winter Quarters - 1014 miles left, Nebraska - Location: 41:21:41N 95:56:45W Currently the site of Florence, Nebraska, Winter Quarters was settled in September, 1846 as a temporary resting place for the pioneers. It is located just west of the Missouri river in Nebraska.

Summary: Statement by wagonmaster of the Ox-Bow group Russell M Leger.

Journal entry: From Ox-Bow wagonmaster Russell M. Leger:

That which we endeavor to do here today will impact the world. We seek guidance in this, a time of decision.

The Mormon Trail is the legacy of our ancestors who unselfishly pioneered this nation. Engulfed by fear, sorrow, suffering, and death, these brave Saints fulfilled their destiny and honored their Savior.

Their example and courage is a benchmark for all mankind. Our very lives are enhanced by their commitment and dedication. We are the beneficiaries of their sacrifices.

Their spirits transcend time and beckon us to trace their journey. With each footstep our hearts swell with pride.

The Mormon Trail is an earthly banquet for those who hunger for meaning in their lives.

Those who anguish here are now comforted now by your presence. Listen! Can you hear it? The trail is whispering to your soul.

Journey forth and prepare to be embraced.

Russell M. Leger
February, 1997