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Wendy Westergard Journals

May 10, 1997

Location: Lexington, Nebraska - Location: 40:46:51N 99:44:28W Elevation: 2389 feet

Summary: Short day on the train. And skirts.

Journal entry: Today was a short traveling day. We arrived into Lexington about 12 noon. As we were arriving into town, Nathan's grandfather, the Canadian, saw a KFC and decided to have Nathan his grandson an outrider go and get him some Kentucky Fried Chicken. He dug into his pockets for money and Nathan went trotting off to KFC. Nathan had to cross an interstate, in which he did with ease. He then went through the drive-thru on his horse Cisco. It was so funny. He then came galloping back and gave the yummy chicken to his grandfather. It was a classic move going through the drive-thru on horseback.

We set up camp and then it seemed for the first time that there wasn't a whole lot to do. A lot of the young people went over to a Dairy Queen across the street because we were all dying for some fattening ice cream. I'll tell you I have never had such a delicious oreo blizzard. It seems that is the favorite around here as well. Everyone got some form of oreo something or other.

Then the young adults found about a lake nearby. We all decided that we were going to go for a swim. We gathered our gear and invited everyone where we were going. We thought that we would only end up with about 10 people, but we had around 30. I think the lake's name was Johnson Lake but I don't remember. It was freezing. We all got into some huge water fights. The guys kept throwing all us girls in. The girls would scream and scream, but you know we loved every minute of it. We know the guys did as well.

Daniel Whitaker was so funny. He got in at a medium pace and hollered the first way in. He was one of the ones who stayed in the longest. When he came out he was so frozen. He was really cute about it. We all needed the break from the press and from 19th century lifestyle just to feel like ourselves again. It was very refreshing, one reason was it was like our newest shower.

The more I see the differences between our centuries I realize ours is not that bad. Now don't everyone think that I'm a wimp. I'm not sick of camping one bit. The part that gets old is these dumb skirts. I'm always tripping on my dress or ripping a hem. When you are walking the skirts get caught up in your legs and it makes a ton harder to walk. It takes double the effort, especially with all of these petticoats. The good thing is that the guys treat you with more respect and like a lady. I've always just been one of the guys. Even though out here I'm still just one of the guys there is a different twist. I'm still a girl as well. It's kind of nice.

The late nights make for tired days. Thank heavens for the day of rest. The Lord certainly knew what he was doing when he told us that once a week was saved for a day of replenishing the body and soul.