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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

June 20, 1997

Location: Split Rock, Wyoming

Summary: Sleepin' till the mules come home.

Journal entry: dear people of the world
Well our truck broke down again and so my mom and dad had to go to Casper to get it fixed so Tennesse John one of our new friends drove our team of mules to our next camp which was called Split Rock.

We traveled on some original ruts and that was neat. Once on the wagon I fell asleep John fell asleep but the mules just kept on going but when the train stopped they stopped and woke us up it was funny.

It was windy and dusty at this camp but the wind blew the misquitos away so we were glad.

We went to a trailer and showered for $2 a piece and then we went to this town called Lamont where it said populations 3 and had dinner at a cafe called grandmas I ate a cheese sandwich and a chocolate malt and then a silver mint bar for dessert.

Well this is a stuffed Daniel Whitaker in a sagebrush field at Split Rock Wyoming.