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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

May 12, 1997

Location: Cozad, Nebraska - Location: 40:51:35N 99:59:13W Elevation: 2486 feet

Summary: To Cozad

Journal entry: Dear People of the World,
Today we traveled 15 miles. To Cozad. I walked ahead of the wagons after lunch. I road my horse part of the way. Today they served pancakes and bacon for breakfast. It was one of the better breakfasts.

Today was warm with a cold breeze. Today while I was walking. We were in a little dust devil. It threw little pebbles at us. It was pretty neat.

Today is the start of the fourth week on the trail. It seems like we just started. Today we are staying in a pasture tipe area.

My litle sister is playing duck duck goose, Mother may I, and ring around the rosy. Ken sue has lost her voice along the trail, hope she finds it tomarrow.

I have made some friends with two boys who are here from Japan, their names are Yuggie and Kogee. (I hope my Japanese spelling is okay. I am going to go and play red rover red rover.

Well so long for now from a field in Cozad Nebraska. Dan