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Margaret Clark Journals

July 3, 1997

Location: Farson, Wyoming

Summary: Rest day at Farson - A side trip to Pinedale

Journal entry: We had a lazy day this morning. Camp is in Farson. Many folks have taken off to Rock Springs or Green River or even to Yellowstone. When we have a few days layover, many people take off to see the country or go to a bigger town to shop or do laundry.

This day is no exception for my family.

My girls and I went to the basement of the Farson Community Center and put in a few minutes on the Wagon Trail Quilt. Sue is in charge of the quilt and she is doing a great job. We have several squares of patchwork patterns done by women on the wagon train. We also have some beautiful painted pictures on squares. These she hopes to get sewn together today and have it a little closer to the quilting process.

At 11AM we had choir practice for the train members. We are practicing a very difficult version of "Come, Come Ye Saints" which we will sing when we get to Hennefer. It is sounding pretty good, seeing as how we have had two whole practices. Our choir is getting pretty large now, too. Sandy is our director and Nathan is playing the piano for us. It is really kind of fun singing with this group. We have some great vocalists.

This afternoon my family drove to Pinedale. We were getting hungry for pine trees and mountains. This sagebrush country is really getting to us. Pinedale is a really beautiful little town...quite rustic looking. They have a beautiful hillside drive that borders Lake Fremont and then winds around and up....to the Jim Bridger Wilderness Area. It gets pretty high.

Up at the top of the drive is an incredible view of the Wind River Mountain Range. It is just beautiful. The wild sunflowers are blossoming right now and it is just lovely. To stand on the edge of the mountains and look down gives me a queasy stomach, but it is beautiful.

We had lunch at a cute little restaurant called the Wrangler. For dessert we each ordered a different pie. We then cut little pieces out of our pie and each one of us gets to taste everybody else's pie. We do this a lot, so we can get a taste of a lot of things. I had to agree that Art had the best one: German Chocolate Cake Pie. Maren had a yummy pie called Ollalieberry. It was tart, but really tasty. I guess this restaurant has a well-known reputation for pies and cobblers. I can see why.

We did some shopping and drove back to Farson. Maren and I put another quilt square together for the quilt. It is getting close to being done. Our camp is close to the Big Sandy River and a lot of folks have gone in it these last few days. It's really fun to be camped by streams and rivers.

Tonight was the annual Farson Outdoors Dance. They had a great band playing and my kids stayed for the evening. I pooped out early and went to bed.

Tonight's camp has almost doubled in size from last night. We anticipate a big group of walkers tomorrow for the walk to Simpsons Hollow. Pres. Hinckley is scheduled to dedicate a monument there the next day and we will be there. HappyNetTrekking.