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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

April 21, 1997

Location: Washington, Nebraska - Location: 41:23:51N 96:12:28W Elevation: 1124 feet

Summary: Danny online.

Journal entry: Dear people of the world,
My name is Daniel Whitaker and I have three brothers and two sisters and a mom and dad. Today was the first day on the trail. We got up at four thirty. A guy rang a bell to wake us up. We are the eleventh wagon of 26 and there are 10 handcarts and a lot of walkers. It was a cold and rainy day in Omaha, NE. We traveled 15 miles today. We traveled on the side roads out of the city. When we reached camp site 1 the sun came out and a horse got colic and the horse is better now. Hi Ken, Sue made it today.

We set up camp in Washington in a hilly weed field. Today went very well I am looking forward to dinner. Well see ya tomorrow.