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Margaret Clark Journals

May 11, 1997

Location: Lexington, Nebraska - Location: 40:46:51N 99:44:28W Elevation: 2389 feet

Summary: Sunday and sunrise and bones at Lexington.

Journal entry: I did a favorite thing this morning. I watched the sunrise.

I remember a few favorite sunrises: Mt. Majestic midnight hike at Brighton, Stuckagain Heights in January (look Southward), Puerto Penasco in December, looking over the spit in Homer, toward Bryce Canyon when sleeping on the porch at Panguitch Lake, at Quail Lake with the 2nd ward youth (we slept on a red ant hill) and last winter a gorgeous sunrise at Lake Mead.

I've seen a lot of sunrises these last 3 weeks and I never tire watching them. That's why I prefer sleeping out without a tent.

At first it's just a hint of light. Then ever so slowly it just oozes out. Over the course of 45 minutes, you see a whole spectrum of colors. You have to watch carefully because the changes are so subtle, you frequently miss one or two or three shades of yellow or orange or red.

The best part is towards the end when the air feels a little nippier and the eastern sky looks like a blast furnace. Then, if you turn to your backside you might catch the brilliant pinks of the puffy clouds behind you. It really is a symphony of colors, with tiny pianissimos gradually growing to fortes of light. Try it some time. Catch the sunrise. Be there before the stars lose any of their brilliance. It's a real sight!

We all love Sunday. We get to rest, listen to a few good speakers and take the Sacrament. Our trek has boosted the Sacrament meeting attendance for the LDS church across Nebraska considerably these last few weeks.

This afternoon was the dedication of a Mormon Trail marker just east of Lexington. It was designed and created by Troop 144 out of Lexington. The Scoutmaster is Allen Noble. His assistant with him today was Charles "Nick" Nichols. He said there are about 12 active boys in his troop and this sign took them about 7 hours to route, paint, urethane and erect. The boys said the best part of the sign was putting it in the ground. Thanks for your interest in the Mormon trail and allowing us to be part of it.

This troop also donated their flag to the walkers. They want it hand delivered to the Scouts in Utah from the scouts in Nebraska. Thanks so much!

Tonight we were also invited to the Historical Museum at Memorial Park, What an incredibly fascinating museum! It is really interesting. Practically every old thing you ever wanted to see is here. Also here are some of the bones of the recently uncovered mastadon from a few miles from here. Those bones are HUGE.

Today has been cold and very windy. We have enjoyed being indoors. HappyNetTrekking!