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Margaret Clark Journals

May 26, 1997

Location: Oshkosh, Nebraska - Location: 41:24:18N 102:20:38W

Summary: Message from Mariah and Elise to her classmates.

Journal entry: [This was written on Sunday evening by two young sisters whose family joined the trek for a week. She promised her class and teacher she would write.]

Dear Ms Sharp,

I am writing to you from Nebrasca. We waked all day. Today I was waking and I got a blister so my mother put me in the handcart. It was fun. But pretty soon I wanted to get out so my father lifted me out. And as I took one step, my bilstir begain to heart. We are getting derty evrey minte. Once my sisters and their frenids were out waking by a mud pidle. The camra man say them and asked if they would take off their shoes and play in it so they did.

My father was there and Hannah, and Laurels frenids father was there but they did not care. Whonce I saw a dead skunk in the roud. It stinkt. I am getting sunbrud a lot but I am ust to it already. We sleep outside in tents. It is fun. One day it ranide and it liekt there on Baker tent.

I am loking forward to seeing you. Wele got to go and see you on Monday.


To whoever it may concern,

Horses are cool.

Melissa Irving, my new friend, is teaching me to ride a horse. The horses name is Casey.

I get really tired on the trail. The first day it rained, and rained, and rained. We all got very wet.

Today we are going to have ham stew and sweet potato pie for dinner.

The tents we sleep in have no floor and leak.

I have made many friends and am having a good time!


ps I have walked 32 miles so far.