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Margaret Clark Journals

July 8, 1997

Location: Miller Station, Wyoming - Between Granger and Fort Bridger.

Summary: Too tired! I have my first car accident!

Journal entry: Yesterday killed the walkers. It was just too long and hard. And after my kids came in all wet from swimming in the river in their clothes, with no place to bathe, and we had no place to put up our tent for the night, I threw up my hands and drove to a motel. The place was packed with Mormon Wagon people. Our campsite in Granger, while beautiful down by the river, was very small and there just wasn't room for us all. Even the church parking lot and city park were full.

We did enjoy a swim in the pool and a shower! If any thing, we have grown to appreciate a hot shower. We have gone days and days with only rivers and pans to wash out of and although it works, it sure ain't a shower!! I had to drive back to find Art last night. It was almost 11PM when I finally found him trying to sleep in the van, with no blankets. Gosh, he was so tired. Too many shuttles! Too many stuck trucks! He is a real trooper.

So, today the train crossed the Black River with only a few minor incidents. Bob Lowe's horse did a hesitation step at the river and threw Bob right over the top of him into the river. It probably was a might chilly riding in the morning breeze. The wagons took quite a while crossing, so the handcarters and walkers crossed and made some good time on the road. It was county road and the traveling was pretty easy.

I was trying to get my girls and Sarah to the train to help pull later this morning, and had a little backing problem. I got my bumper stuck between the tire and wheelwell of a kindly gentleman's beautiful new suburban. I just didn't see him. I have to write about my first car accident ever. Sorry, sir. I just didn't see you parked in the middle of the road. The girls did get back to the train and helped for the last six miles. I just tried to get to camp in the RV without hitting anybody else.

We are at a place called Millers Station. I think somebody said it was a Pony Express Station. The route must be a good one cause we were camped right next to the freeway, I-80. That is certainly a busy road-- all day and all night. Our camp tonight is huge. We are stretched in a giant field forever. From the freeway it looks gigantic. We are gigantic!

We are moving four to six hundred people everyday and all our vehicles, including wagons and horses and mules, and horse trailers and motorhomes, and trailers and trucks and cars and water and potty trucks. It is really an incredible endeavor.

I can feel that home is near. I remind people that we are almost there and I am excited. The Uintah Mountains are so close. I have had a lot of fun hiking in those mountains and Art and I have spent a good deal of time there. I know if I took off now and drove into Salt Lake City, it would be very difficult to come back. So.....I guess I won't go. HappyNetTrekking!!