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Wendy Westergard Journals

May 23, 1997

Location: Lemoyne, Nebraska - Location: 41:16:21N 101:48:46W

Summary: Wet hilly day on the trail.

Journal entry: We went over 16 miles today. If we went on the pavement it would have been 16 miles. It was extremely hilly today. It was really hard on the horses. We kept breaking because the horses were sweating so much.

One of the teams a small (miniature) draft horse team had to have ropes put onto the wagon and 2 of the outriders helped pull them up the hills. Some of the horses who had been trained really well before they came had no problem.

A small child yesterday was kicked in the face by a mule. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital. The Lord truly is watching over us. The doctors did not understand why there was not more damage then there was. The kid is back with us tonight. He just has a black eye. He was very lucky.

It was cold and wet all day today and then a couple hours after we got to this beautiful campsite it warmed up. Thank goodness.....