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Margaret Clark Journals

April 16, 1997

Summary: Saying good bye to my family for 2 months.

Journal entry: Today I left Cedar City, Utah which is my hometown. I drove north to Provo with my family and dropped my second son off at the MTC or Missionary Training Center. This is where all new missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints begin their missions. He was excited and so were all of us. I then hugged my husband, Art, good-bye and also four of my children. It will be two months before I see them again when they join the trek somewhere in Wyoming to finish out the last month together. They are excited about the trek and want to come now, but I told them they have to stay in school.

I continued on to Salt Lake City. Everyone I talk with is so interested in the trek. It will be so much fun to tell you about it. I leave Salt Lake in the morning to start the long drive back to Omaha, Nebraska. I'll check in with you when I get there. HappyComputerTrails!