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Wendy Westergard Journals

June 8, 1997

Location: Guernsey, Wyoming - Location: 42:16:11N 104:44:28W Elevation: 4361 feet

Summary: Beautiful day at church.

Journal entry: I slept in until 9am. I was sick so that is why I was able to sleep so long. It felt wonderful. Margaret and I went to church together. It was a beautiful day. The temperature was not terrible and there was a slight breeze going through the field of green grass where we were having the service. The service was extremely touching. Russ Ledger read his poetry he had written on the trail. I hope I can get a copy on the internet. Each speaker made some wonderful insights.

Later that day around 2 o'clock we had a "mini rodeo." The races and competitions that they had included the children chasing chickens. It was extremely funny. Imagine around 30 children chasing one chicken around an arena.

We also had a tug of war. Amy, Cyndi and I participated in this. We had so much fun, We had tucked our skirts up into our aprons, so that we would not trip on them. Participating in these fun activities are more limited to those girls who wear long skirts and petticoats. This is why a lot of women back in the old days seemed a little whimpy, also because propriety wouldn't let them. "It wasn't proper then."

Many of the outriders, or people with horses played musical chairs with their horses. Danny Vanfleet had buckets and barrels set up for them to use. When we stopped singing on the bleachers they had to find a bucket, hop off their horse and stand with their horse at the object. It was funny to watch them fight over their place and stay in the game.

We need to have activities like this more often. It let us let loose and forget about the upcoming long miles ahead of us. It also gave us a chance to be with good friends doing a new activity. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.