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Margaret Clark Journals

April 28, 1997

Location: Monroe, Nebraska - Location: 41:28:27N 97:35:57W

Summary: Columbus to Monroe.

Journal entry: Sixteen miles...sixteen hundred miles....What is the difference when you are walking. It all seems like forever. I thought I had all the blisters I was going to get. I have blisters on my blisters. I am so tired. And we have a new enemy...Nebraska South Winds. You walk against the wind. It is gusty. It is forceful. It knocks you back and swings you forward. It buffets and bounces and dusts you with dirt. I cover my head with my apron and wait for the air to clear. Nebraska folks sit on their porches, wave, and smile. "Don't let this Nebraska wind get to ya or it'll tire you right out." I feel the tired coming.

We camped in Columbus at the fair park. We had hot showers. Today we went to Monroe and camped in a huge field. The evening program was a really good Western band and they had the best dance ever. A lot of toe- tapping was going on. The Pioneer kids really stole the show with their energy and dancing. A lot of local people showed up to watch and listen. A lady commented to me that she didn't know those Mormons could dance. I smiled. It was a fun camp. Tonight the coyotes howled from the river. HappyNetTrekking!