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Wendy Westergard Journals

May 14, 1997

Location: Gothenburg, Nebraska - Location: 40:55:46N 100:09:37W Elevation: 2567 feet

Summary: Today was a rest day in Gothenburg.

Journal entry: Today was a rest day in Gothenberg, our 1st rest day. I slept in until 9 a.m. It was great. It was the latest that I've slept on the train. I missed breakfast. Oh well, no loss.

For the 1st hour after I got up I dawdled. I helped one our docent ladies out by babysitting her youngest for a while. I've been a slacker for the past week. I've been socializing a little more than usual. I've met a ton of new people. They are all characters. I think everyone on this trek is a character. You have to be in order to take 3 months out of your life to go on one of the most incredible adventures and journeys.

I got interviewed by the Odessy group. I've gotten used to being interviewed all the time. I used to think that being a movie star would be cool. Now, however, I have changed my mind. Cameras in your face all the time can get on your nerves. I don't mind the cameras in my face when they have asked for an interview. At first I used to be scared of talking to the camera. Now I am completely at ease with the lens staring at me.

Today is the day my parents arrived for my birthday the next day. I was very hyper when I heard my mother's voice outside the tent. I was surprised at how excited I was.

With my parents being on the trek it helps to change a lot of my perspective. I now have the single female with no family perspective. You get adopted into families and become part of them. Then I know have the perspective of moving with my parents. It makes it seems it seem like the whole family is making a sacrifice and moving to a new place and not knowing what to expect.

It was interesting to watch my parents adjust to this sort of camp life. We have always done a lot of camping, but this is very different. My mother has adjusted better than my father. My father is an engineer and very into the modern technology. It was hard for him to leave it behind. He carried his Ham radio around the first day. My mother has had a blast meeting people. She loves to chat with people.