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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

May 24, 1997

Location: Ash Hollow (Lewellen) - 633 miles left, Nebraska - Location: 41:19:53N 102:08:36W (south side of the river. So named from a grove of timber growing on it. It occupies a space of about fifteen to twenty acres, and is surrounded by high bluffs.)

Summary: Deep sand accident, tipping over, and talking til midnight.

Journal entry: Dear People of the World,
Today was another long day but short miles -14. It took us three hours two miles because the sand was so deep.

Some teams needed some help so outriders would hook up lausos and help pull them up. One wagon tipped over when it got caught in the sand. One of the wagon driver got flipped out and onto his horse and then almost under the wagon. But they are all okay.

We didn't get into camp until 3:30, it was a long day. I pushed a handcart with my brother today. We had a party at the landrymat and then talked in a van until midnight. I am looking forward to Sunday when I can sleep in. Hey did I tell you that we switched back to mountain time. So we got an extra hour. Wel this is Daniel Whitaker at the Fair Grounds in Lewellan Nebraska.

Ps Hey all you Midway school kids have a great summer.