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Margaret Clark Journals

June 4, 1997

Location: Torrington, Wyoming - Location: 42:03:54N 104:10:52W Elevation: 4098 feet

Summary: A short walk.

Journal entry: We have huge crowds of people on the wagon train now every day. The logistics of crowd control is almost overwhelming for Mike and he organized into smaller groups with leaders over each. When we travel on the open roads, the traffic can be a constant source of stress. Although our trek into Wyoming and Torrington was short, we were happy because it was a hot day.

Actually, I started my day by walking south of Henry to the river bridges at about 5AM. The light was just bright enough to turn the leaves on the trees from their nightly black to the color of green. There was a gentle mist over the swift North Platte River. The banks are swollen. I walked off the length of the biggest bridge and the river is over 300 feet wide and flowing fast. Fence posts are way under water, so there is a lot of water moving down this river.

The early morning fog started settling in when I returned to town, and I spent a few minutes with some friends solving the world's problems. We chuckled and laughed over everything and didn't get much accomplished.

Sally is with us again. She is the story-teller and she keeps us smiling. She gave Sarah and me a pair of wool socks. Since mine matched my shirt so well, I felt I had to color coordinate and wear them. They are the only clean thing on me today. I used to shower every day. Now.....well......it happens occasionally.

In Torrington I went shopping for milk and fruits with Pam and then Pam went to see Gordon at the hospital. He has been in for one week now and we are hoping he gets out tomorrow. He won't be able to walk. Kathy and Sarah want to pull him in a handcart. I think he should be comfortable and ride in a wagon, at least. We'll see what Gordon wants to do.

Our program in Torrington was under the development of Kate Kelly. She has done a lot to prepare for the 4th of June. The Cheyenne Celebration Singers were excellent. We also had Elder Pinnock from the Mormon Church speak. It has been a great time in Torrington. I hope the folks here know how much we appreciate their work and efforts in our behalf. There was an entertainer who was just excellent. I believe his name is David Jamiel. He played the guitar, the mandolin, the the banjo and boy could he sing. He was great.