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Margaret Clark Journals

May 14, 1997

Location: Gothenburg, Nebraska - Location: 40:55:46N 100:09:37W Elevation: 2567 feet

Summary: Alex from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Journal entry: Alex is a go to the valley walker. He is from Lincoln, Ne and is having a birthday on May 30. He has graduated from vocational school in non-destructive engineering. He inspects pipes, esp pressurized vessels. He wants a spiritual experience and is considering a mission for the LDS church. Alex had his brother here with us walking for a few days. This is Alex' entry.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, today turns out to be a very wonderful day, having a great time. my brother dave came out to join the trail for a few days. he brought his little girl out to see the train as well. she is such a rocker im so glad to see her. cuz there are not so very many people that like me a lot. again, coming out to this train is the most best thing ive ever done. and the most fun ever of all the travels. my bro dave is a stallion. hes a single dad with no loot and alot of life. i live with him every now and again and i see that raising a kid is some tough cookies. hali has a lot of fun looking at horses and the wagons and playing with all the people. getting bored again without any codes cuz of the zigs. the ax.