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Margaret Clark Journals

May 18, 1997

Location: North Platte, Nebraska - Location: 41:07:26N 100:45:54W Elevation: 2800 feet

Summary: Another welcome Sunday.

Journal entry: It has become a welcome feeling to wake up and know it is Sunday and we get to rest. I was awake before dawn and watched the beautiful lacey trees silhouetted against the lightening sky. The leaves are just barely starting to leaf and the appearance they presented was a gorgeous tatting of lace. I watched a jet and satellite cross the night sky, something the pioneers sure didn't do.

At our church session today, we heard from our three newly appointed church leaders for the wagon train. Brian Hill is the president and his two counselors are Jared Cornell and Mike Dunn. These three men are truly great men and will lead us well. They are not meant to replace our wagonmasters in any way but will attend to the personal and spiritual needs of the members. We are grateful that we have these men to lead us. We heard from several members of our group who bore their testimonies. The Spirit was very strong in our meeting. Even though we hold church outside, it is a wonderful feeling to be together and know we have a great purpose.

The afternoon was spent resting, catching up on our journals and letter writing. Several people went to visit area sites and museums. Bill Cody's ranch and museum was very popular. We have a big week ahead of us and we are anticipating the events that fall before us.

Tonight for our devotional we usually get a short summary of what is going to happen the next day. Tonight we had a special presentation from Tennessee John, one of our teamsters. He had gone out and rounded up some rooseters and presented a rooster to each of our three newly- appointed spiritual leaders. He said there is a tradition back home in Tennessee that whenever the community gets a new preacher or pastor or spiritual leader, they are given a rooster. This is to assure that he will be the first one up each day because he needs more time with God to be sure he knows the needs of the people.

Each one of them received their rooster--truly with mixed emotions. Mike was given some help making a cage out of old branches. Brian wasn't sure what to do with his and Jared just put his in with his others. It was a real fun evening.