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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

June 9, 1997

Location: Glendo, Wyoming - Location: 42:30:10N 105:01:32W Elevation: 4714 feet

Summary: Guernsey to Glendo -- 28 hard miles, strong walkers

Journal entry: It has been a long day. We have gone almost 29 miles today over very rough terrain. It was very beautiful countryside, much more scenic than the Nebraska corn fields, but it was rugged.

By lunch, the bus was full of people who were weary. We then crossed over another stretch of back country. Some of the hills were so steep and rocky that we had to go down one handcart at a time. I noticed a lot of people with red faces. Some of us long-time walkers went around encouraging people to drink water. No one ever drinks enough.

As we pulled into Glendo, people began to cheer for us. It made it easier to walk those last few miles. A lot of people were limping with blisters and sore feet. One man collapsed when he got to camp, and they put an IV in him. Amy's family went and got a motel room. I don't blame them -- this has been rough.