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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

July 14, 1997

Location: Yellow Creek, Wyoming - Between Bear River crossing and Castle Rock.

Summary: Birthday party and frosting.

Journal entry: Dear people of the world
Today was short day we only twelve miles. I rode in the wagon because I still didn't feel good but by the time I got to camp and work was all done I felt better so I went swimming.

I went swimming in a river where water was shooting out of a pipe and would carry us down the river.

We had some kind of chinese food tonight for dinner it was okay. We had two birthdays yesterday in camp Joseph Johnston who is walker and Cindy who is from the authentic camp. At the girls party at night Cindy was putting frosting on everyones face.

Well this is Dan in a grassy field with just a little sage brush on the border of Utah and Wyoming