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Wendy Westergard Journals

July 1, 1997

Location: Farson, Wyoming

Summary: Century shock.

Journal entry: We are now in Farson. The ice creams are just big as everyone said. They are wonderful. I had a big bubble gum ice cream There are many caterpillers on the trail. The are about 1 1/2 inches in length, black and furry. There are all over the place!!! We are contantly stepping on the them or side stepping them.

We got a shower toady!!!! Of course it cost us $2, but it was worth every penny. It felt so wonderful to get all the trail dust off our filthy bodies. We could see the pores in our skin we were so dirty.

Because we are now in Farson and tomorrow is a rest day we, a group of young people, decided to go into Rock Springs. We got into our modern clothes, which felt really odd after not being in them for such a long time. I looked down and I saw levis and feet. Usually I have to move a big wad of fabric to find my feet.

We left Farson later in the evening after chores and things that needed to be done got done. We went out to eat at JB's restaurant. It was wonderful. I got a pasta dish with chicken on top. I haven't had pasta in such a very long time. I was on cloud nine. It was nice to switch centuries and be living in our own time again.