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Osamu Sekiguchi Journals

April 25, 1997

Location: Schuyler, Nebraska - Location: 41:26:50N 97:03:33W Elevation: 1346 feet

Summary: Friday, April 25, 1997 (Sunny Day)

Journal entry: [Translated by Tomoko Nakayama.]

It was a fine day after a long time. We are staying in the town named Schuyler. The people there were also gracious and welcomed us with open arms. So far, we have been passing through many small towns, and when a carriage comes up on paved ground, there is a calm feeling of relief. Because scenery all looks so similar, I often feel like we aren't really moving forward. The scenery is much like what you might see on the movie that Kevin Costner was in called "The Field of Dreams", it looks like a cornfield that continues on without end.

Today, already three poeple have broken bones in various places. One man fell from a horse and broke his shoulder and pelvic bone. Astonishingly, he preceeded on with his arm in a sling.

"Isn't it painful?"

"Yes, it is."

"Can you walk?"

"Yes, so far, I can."

He is an amazing man.

In Schuyler, people fed us steak for dinner. Everyday eating bread, juice and sausage makes for a luxurious dinner.

Jacob, a 12 year-old boy, who had been walking with Yuji and Koji had to leave today. I feel sorry for them because they had been having a great time teaching Japanese and learning English. Yuji and Koji gave Jacob the nickname "Jacob come on!", because he was always saying "come on! come on!" When I see Yuji and Koji speak Japanese and Jacob speak English, I wonder if they really understand each other.... Well, language doesn't matter a lot.

"Take this cap" Koji eagerly offered. Koji presented a green baseball cap with Nippon Net's mark in it to Jacob.

"I'll come back when you reach Wyoming."


When the two boys saw Jacob off, they both became very silent.