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Margaret Clark Journals

June 1, 1997

Location: Scottsbluff - 541 miles left, Nebraska - Location: 41:52:00N 103:40:00W Elevation: 3880 feet

Summary: Sunday in Scottsbluff.

Journal entry: I wonder when I get home will I still wake up at 4:30 every morning? But I had the inspiring chance to watch the sunrise. It was one of the good ones. I'm sure you tire of my descriptions of sunrises, but to me it is a wonder of nature how each morning can be different and yet so beautiful.

We had an interdenominational sunrise service at 6:30 am with the Methodist church choir. Their music was lovely. Elder Richard Clarke of the First Seventy of the LDS church was the speaker. He spoke of cooperation and love among all Christians and the development of love from distrust and understanding from misunderstanding. The prayer was one of the local ministers. I regret not remembering his name. He gave a beautiful prayer and blessed the wagon train on their journey westward. It was quite eloquent.

I returned to the RV to find Pam nursing her sore, tender feet. Not long after, a knock was heard at our door. I opened it to find a kindly-looking couple who inquired of the "English lady with very sore feet." I invited them in and offered what small seating accommodations we had. They introduced themselves as Ray and MaryLou Lind from here in Scottsbluff. Their purpose in coming was to inquire of the lady with sore feet. Pam showed them her toes and blisters. Mr. Lind in a very kindly, sincere way explained that he had a very comfortable pair of walking shoes and would be glad to give them to her. I was enthralled as he unlaced his shoes and allowed Pam to try them on. They fit quite well and seemed comfortable enough. We visited awhile and they got up to leave. We offered him some shoes to at least walk to his car, but he would hear nothing of the sort. He and his wife left and walked through the alfalfa field to their car. She with shoes; he without. It was a very touching scene. We waved our thanks and they drove away.

Sacrament meeting was over 1,100 people. We are growing in numbers every week. It was hot, but the people stayed. Elder Clarke and his wife, Barbara, spoke of pioneers and living the legacy. The Scottsbluff ward members provided music. It was a great meeting.

Sunday is a day of rest; catching up on journals; writing letters; going to the local ward building to see the latest Odyssey series; and doing the things that there just is not time for during the week. We all look forward to Sunday. Because I am writing this on Monday, I can tell you about the storm last night. We had lightening and thunder and predictions of hail and tornados. The lightening and thunder was correct, but no hail or tornados. I understand the hail storm went a little ways north of us and there were no tornados here. I feel a sense of safety when I stay with this group. I feel the hand of the Lord with us and protecting us. We have had many blessings from our church leaders, and I know they are a moving force in our westward trek.

Just as the pioneers of old were lifted and guided and protected, I feel the same assurance as we face many of the same natural forces of nature. I feel the rainy weather we have had is a blessing for us. We are cool and comfortable and the animals fare well. We have also watched the rains bring cheer and comfort to the local people, the ranchers and farmers, as they bless the rain that falls on their parched lands. I know that many people are watching and following our little wagon train with thanks for our efforts in attempting to reproduce in a small way the trails of the pioneers. Not only do we represent ourselves in this little band, but we represent all of you who wish you could be here. This is not the efforts of a few hundred, but the combined efforts of hundreds of thousands of true descendants and adopted descendants of the Mormon pioneers. It is truly my privilege to be here for you. HappyNetTrekking!