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William Clayton Journals

June 17, 1847

Location: Casper, Wyoming - Location: 42:52:00N 106:18:45W

Summary: The last wagon has successfully made it across; there's much rejoicing!

Journal entry: THURSDAY, 17TH. The morning fine but windy and cold. The brethren renewed the ferrying early and soon after noon they had got the last wagon safely over which was a matter of rejoicing to all the camp.

Two companies of the Missourians had arrived and made application to be set over at a dollar and a half a load. When the contract was made with the first company to be sent across as soon as our wagons were over, the other company of ten wagons offered to pay the brethren 50c per man extra if they would set them over first, making $5.00 over the stated price for ferriage being ten of the brethren to work at it. Colonel Rockwood had made a contract to the above effect with the first company and did not like to break it. However, he received a hint that this was Colonel Markham's day for the use of the boat and consequently Colonel Markham had a right to take the last offer if he chose. He took the hint and they went to work forthwith at a dollar and a half a wagon in provisions at Missouri prices and 50c extra per man in what they preferred for themselves.

The afternoon and evening was very cold indeed with a very strong wind. After President Young and Kimball got their wagons over, being about the last, orders were given for the camp to come together and form the wagons in a circle near the ferry. It took till near dark before all the wagons got up. The ferrying was continued all night and till daylight at which time many of the Missourians' wagons in the two companies were over.

Source: William Clayton's Journal

Published by the Clayton Family Association, and edited by Lawrence Clayton. To the best of our research, this contents of this book are no longer under copyright.