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Margaret Clark Journals

June 21, 1997

Location: Jeffrey City, Wyoming

Summary: More mosquitoes--An area with lots of history!

Journal entry: The mosquitoes were with us all day long and even though the breezes came (and it helps a lot!) they are still there. We were really glad to get out of our campsite, only because the mosquitoes woke up just as we were leaving camp, and I guess it only got worse. They were bad, until the wind came up. Poor Larry on the bus, had them twice as bad on the bus as we had them outside. While we were walking down the highway, if the breeze was strong enough, we were OK, but as soon as we stopped for breaks, they were just swarming all over us. Especially if there was no wind. It's just awful.

We got our first good view of the Wind River Mountains today. They are way in the distance and still white with snow. I am really glad we don't have to go over them.

The area we are going through is well-known in church history because the Martin Handcart company came through here following their rescue. I shudder to think of their condition, and the amount of snow that was on the ground when they traversed this area. It must have been so very difficult travelling. I look how far we have come since Casper and I am humbled by their diligence and faith in continuing on in the snow. How could they do it?

We are in Jeffrey City for 2 days. Tonight's meal has been donated by Rick Malin. He owns the Ore House in this small town. Every year he holds an annual Hog Roast where he feeds whoever comes to town. Well, guess who came to town. The Mormon Trail Wagon Train and Rick graciously gave a party. He has also done many other things for us, including a fireworks display this evening. I am sure this was not cheap,

Rick. Just want to tell you how much we appreciate what you have done in our behalf. The town also graciously opened up the high school gymnasium and showers for us for a nominal fee. I don't remember a shower feeling so good. It has been several days for me!! And I am sure for everyone else, too. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes are bad here, too.

The Sweetwater River is close and the rain has been a lot this year. So, they are thick and everywhere. The horses are troubled by these little pests as much or even more than we are. Even though the teamsters sprayed them down with repellent, the horses are still bit just terribly especially on their necks. They roll around in the dirt to try and get them off. It is awful.

Jeffrey City was once quite a large town with uranium mining, but in 1982 the uranium prices dropped and the mine was closed. This once thriving little community with a few thousand people, closed down. They had built beautiful schools, a large fire station, and lots of housing and suddenly it was no longer needed. The population today is around 150 and the kids are being bused to other places for school, even though they have beautiful facilities right here.

My family and I once lived in Bullfrog on Lake Powell. Our children attended school at Ticaboo, a thriving uranium town. It too was closed down because the uranium mine closed and the jobs just no longer existed. It was such a wonderful time in our lives, and it just ended. The people here get along as best they can. It really is a cute little place. Too bad the boom had to end.

Tomorrow is Sunday again. We all like Sunday. HappyNetTrekking!