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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

June 10, 1997

Location: Douglas, Wyoming - Location: 42:45:35N 105:22:54W

Summary: Glendo to Douglas -- longest day of the trek, rain, beautiful

Journal entry: Today was the longest day we will do in the whole trek. We went almost thirty miles, and we surprisingly had some of the same walkers who went 28 yesterday. Yet the titles of new or old had little meaning today -- everyone was hurting.

As we worked our way to Douglas, it started to rain. People from the town drove out to see us and encourage us along the dirt road. Some people offered us Gatorade, others had apple slices and punch. All of it helped, and as we pulled into the state fair grounds, I was amazed at how well we looked, considering our milage. We arrived around 7PM.

Amy and I were also greeted by people who had seen us an hour ago on the Caspar evening news. A reporter had stopped us on the way out of Glendo and interviewed us. Apparently, a lot of people watch the evening news, because the recognized us and came right up to greet us.

Douglas is great there are restaurants and grocery stores, laundromats and cash machines -- everything a weary pioneer needs. Too bad we will only be here one day.