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Margaret Clark Journals

July 17, 1997

Location: Henefer, Utah - Twenty miles from "This is the Place' State Park.

Summary: A rest day in Henefer

Journal entry: If we have to stop and take rest days, I would like them to be in Henefer. This is a beautiful little community. The field we are in is absolutely beautiful. It is right in town and it is huge. And we fill it. I walked up on a hillside to try and get a picture, but I think it is too far away. It's not a good shot, but I promise, it is really pretty. The surrounding mountains are picture perfect.

Today we have a day to rest and relax and play. There are a lot of vendors and crafts booths set up around town and at the city park. It is really fun to stroll around and talk to the folks and see what is going on. The high school in Coalville is available to us for swimming and showers. The good folks here have even arranged for shuttle buses to transport people between Coalville and Henefer. I think they really want us to be here.

This afternoon the Legacy West group that has been filming for the Odyssey channel, showed us the film that we couldn't see last Sunday. It was shown at the church. This segment was filmed mostly after Casper and covered the time we were at Independence Rock and into Martins Cove. They do such an incredibly wonderful job of filming our adventures. They also try to do re-enactments of stories from long ago pioneer stories. They are really a wonderful history of our trek.

The company that is filming and producing these Legacy West series is owned by Kevin Mitchell and is called Mitchell Productions. There are several people involved with this company and we feel like they are just a part of us. We recognize their vehicles anywhere and are impressed that they can walk the whole trek carrying heavy camera equipment and keep up. Dorian was walking with us this week and while the rest of us were taking time to take off our shoes and socks to cross the swamp, Dorian, in order to not miss a shot just walked through the muck....shoes and all. She had to finish the day with muddy shoes. Many times, whatever we have to do...they do. Kevin is the owner and producer; Mike is a shooter and editor; Kels is the dramatization producer; Dorian is production assistant and does a lot of the interviews; Courtney spends a lot of time reviewing films and catalogues and labels the films; Bruce is a writer and host; James Arrington portrays Brother Brigham and Brody is a shooter (videographer) and the go-fer and "whipping boy." These guys work out of a motorhome and are such a part of our group! It really wouldn't be the same without them. They are really great people. Kevin says they are a great team and he thinks they have done a great job. I told Kevin I was impressed that they have been able to portray the feeling of the trek, not just the day to day movements of moving down the trail. It is hard to do this. If you are interested in these tapes, they are available now. Of course, we are not done yet, so more will become available later. I think it is in a 13 part series.

This afternoon the choir met for practice. It was in preparation for the performance of one number with the Utah Symphony tonight. At 7PM tonight we had several speakers. The program was at the City park. We all brought our chairs, or blankets and sat around. After the speakers, we had the Utah Symphony here to perform. Actually it was the Utah Pops Symphony. The park was filled and it was like a wonderful party. The music was fun and happy and it was just a really joyful event. We had a brass band play and also a country group. There was one time when there were even people up dancing on the lawn.

We had a rendition of Brother J. Golden Kimball from his grandnephew that was just wonderful. We also had Mary Hall and Greg Chipman to perform vocally. It was such an enjoyable evening. The last number was performed by the Utah Symphony and the Wagon Train Choir. We sang a very difficult version of "Come, Come Ye Saints." I guess it sounded OK. We certainly sang our hearts out. The last two musical pieces were "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "The Stars and Stripes Forever." My goodness...I just cried. It was just wonderful. So, I am just a crybaby.

Thanks Henefer for a grand time!