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Osamu Sekiguchi Journals

May 11, 1997

Location: Lexington, Nebraska - Location: 40:46:51N 99:44:28W Elevation: 2389 feet

Summary: Sunday, May 11, 1997 (Sunny & Windy Day)

Journal entry: [Translated by Hajime Nakagawa]

We got up later than usual because it was Sunday. It is so different to have breakfast at 7 instead of 5.

At 10 this morning, all of us gathered in an open area and had Sacrament meeting since it was the Sabbath. This is a custom for Sundays, and it's nondenominational. We do this to thank God.

People of the area joined us, and about 400 people gathered here and prayed and sang hymns. Americans, who pray to God at meals, in the mornings, and for all different occasions, might have a religious life which Japanese don't have. The Mormon pioneers often prayed in the wilderness as they moved toward Zion. In a sense, I thought I understood their feelings through our prayer.