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Wendy Westergard Journals

June 6, 1997

Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming - Location: 42:12:46N 104:31:00W Elevation: 4250 feet (Fort lays about 1-1/2 miles west from the river. Ford is good in low water. River 108 yards wide. Wall and houses are adobe, or Spanish brick. Altitude, 4,090 feet) -522 miles from Winter Quarters

Summary: Working rest day

Journal entry: Today I woke up and realized that I didn't feel so well. I tried to sleep in a little more because I hadn't slept so well the night before. When I couldn't sleep anymore I walked around and explored camp and did Internet things. (took pictures and wrote in my journal etc.) I didn't have company with me this time so it wasn't as fun as it usually is. Next time I will be sure to bring along some friends. I did this until 7:30 pm, and then went to the dance.

Amy, Cyndi and I went. Not everyone came to the dance, but there were a lot of people there. It lasted for maybe an hour. It was fun. They had an older couple being the DJ. They were pretty good. They had some of the songs we knew. They played Cotten eyed Joe and Hoop scootin, boogie.

A lot of people didn't know how to dance to it and it was a little frustrating. We could never get the square dancing down. We had a bunch of littler kids and they didn't know what a lot of the calls meant. Everyone else did really well at the square dancing but try as we might we couldn't get it down.