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Wendy Westergard Journals

May 28, 1997

Location: Broadwater, Nebraska - Location: 41:35:46N 102:51:08W

Summary: Dreary day on the trail.

Journal entry: Today we went 16 miles. I rode in the wagon. I was so drained of energy. I don't know why. I slept in the back of the Anderson's wagon for the first half. It wasn't the best sleep I'd had because my head was kinked. Today was one of those days that everything seems to appear the same. Maybe where it's a boring day. Of course this all changed when we got to camp.

The place we are camped smells really bad. It smells of silage. Most people are saying if they had to stay there two nights they would go get a motel. The sun started to shine about a half an hour after we arrived to camp. It helped to raise our spirits.

The wagon camp and the walker camp are very far apart. The walkers have the best camp by far. It is green, has a swing set and water.....and best of all it doesn't stink. Unfortunately I am camped with the wagons. The authentic camp is always in the midst of the wagons.

People have now got their little social groups on the trail. We all hang out with each other, just some more than others. People have become really close. It's nice because it gives us all a sense of security. When we come into camp we pitch our tents and either socialize or play games. We all seem to be having a great time.

It's amazing how much mending I have to do. I rip my dresses all the time. I do not have one dress that doesn't need to be repaired. I only have 3 dresses that I wear. Most of the problem has been the porta-potties. Our dresses always catch on the hitch between each of the pots. We are so hard on our clothing. Buttons are always popping off, seams getting ripped, arm holes getting ripped. Imagine primitive camping in a long dress with petticoats. It adds a little challenge. A challenge that I enjoy because it helps me to appreciate wearing pants freely, without social constraint.

It's amazing how well we have adapted this environment. It feels as though everything we do is completely normal. I know it's not in the back of my head, but when you are doing this everyday it is easy to forget that this is not normal and we will not be doing this forever. I remember at the very beginning I fought sleep because I wanted to soak in every little moment. Now it doesn't bother me to sleep in the wagon.

We may have all got our own little patterns now, but things are constantly changing. We change along with it. Sometimes we don't realize how adaptable we are. We are survivors. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to have this innermost dream come true. I thank the Lord everyday.