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Margaret Clark Journals

June 22, 1997

Location: Jeffrey City, Wyoming

Summary: Dallin who's 14 tells about his first week walking.

Journal entry: Dallin Clark (14) writes:

Today is Sunday. I got on this trek last Saturday. It was June 14. The first day I walked was Monday, June 16. They told us it was going to be 25 miles, but we can never trust their mileage count. It turned out to be 27.9 miles. I only lasted the first 15 because it was only my first day. Both of my sisters made it all 27.9 miles.

It just shows how tough some girls can be. We rested on Tuesday because we were all too tired to walk any more. My sister had heat exhaustion and all of our feet hurt. My sister that got heat exhaustion has many blisters on her feet. She is in constant pain. My other sister has only two blisters on her heels. And I have a grand total of 0 blisters. What a lucky guy I am.

We all walked on Wednesday with no problem because it was a short day, only 10 miles. Thursday was a rest day that we all enjoyed. We had a country western band come and play for us. We all danced and had fun. Also on Thursday my sister Nica got her mission call to the Canada, Calgary mission. She will leave in August for that. She opened it in front of everyone on a stage set up for the band. It was a beautiful setting.

By the way, my name is Dallin Clark. I am from Cedar City, Utah, and I am 14 years old. This has been my first week on the trail and I really like it (on the short days). My longest day so far has been 17 miles. That was Saturday. My mom is Margaret Clark, the one that writes all of the great journal entries daily.

Tomorrow is supposed to be an 18 mile day. I hope I can make it. It's only a mile further than what I did on Saturday. It will be fun. I just my feet and legs will hold up walking across the hard highway. The paved road is the toughest on your feet. I like the dirt or sandy roads the best. On these kind of roads you can take off your shoes and walk barefoot. The sand kind of gets your feet tired, but it is easier on your joints. The bottom of my feet are bruised and the muscles in the back of my legs are sore.

Other than that I am fine! I hope it stays that way.