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Wendy Westergard Journals

June 29, 1997

Location: Pacific Springs, Wyoming

Summary: Heber's song.

Journal entry: I've mentioned Heber's song that he has added a new verse everyday. It is a repeating song that everyone, including greeenies can join in the fun. It is an army chant as they would march along a road. This song has come to mean a lot to us because this song tells the story of our adventure.

These are the verses:

Jon my cousin has a kilt
By the end he will be built
There go my British friends
They are walking "till the end
We are Scots and we are men
Let us sing this verse again
Some must push and some must pull
This is getting very dull
Now the greenies give us bull
I would rather have them pull
First our left and then our right
We have Christ and we have might
First it rained but now there's sun
This is getting very fun
Through the gravel through the sand
We are walking "cross the land
Over river over bridge
Tell me there's just one more ridge
Heidi's weak but she is smart
She lets us do her part
Sound off! One Two
Sound off! Three, Four!
Sound off! One, two....three four!
Wind and cold and sun and heat
We will never face defeat
Mud is deep but spirits high
Now the sun comes out to dry
It is hot and the wind blows
Out here where the tall grass grows
Hymns we sing and hymns we shout
In the Lord we never doubt
We push the handcart all day long
Till we're finished with this song
Es war kalt und jetzt ist heiss,
wenn ich halte, ich nicht weiss
Ha i braegge an jou
Kia ma ra ha hu
Greenies make their own handcarts
We will watch them fall apart
Greenies get hit by the wheel
They become our next meal
See that tower up ahead
That is where I'll make my bed
Sound off!
They are saying one more mile
They've been saying that for a while
I like the port-a-pot
I am in them quite a lot
Get up here and give a push
I have a meeting with that bush
Joseph has a great big knife
Mess with him you'll lose your life
Mike Dunn's face is turning green
Someone poisoned his canteen
Now we have a great big gun
With a rooster we'll have fun
My good friend left today
That pains me in such a way
BC, Amy getting wed
This is what I've always said
Know a rooster name is Red
In the morning he'll be dead
That man comes with the bell
We will blow him straight to...
Bonnets bobbing in the sun
We'll do 20 just for fun
Russ is riding on his horse
He'll stop traffic of course
Heber got his call today
He is going all the way
Jon goes to the lone star state
When he's back he'll find a mate
They will serve with all their might
Spreading gospel truth and light
When shall we three meet again
Thunder lightning or in rain
We will plagarize MacBeth
Even if it means our death
Greenies walking to the left
Soon their lives will be bereft
Greenies always lag behind
Go on, shoot them, we don't mind
I am getting sick of it
Walking through the horse's...
Now we have a great big snake
Only greenies think it's fake
Lisa goes to Carlsbad
We think that is really rad
Reenactors up ahead
It's amazing their not dead
Heber can be really mean
To the greenies in their team
Once he was very kind
Then they got out of line
Up ahead is Devil's Gate
Passing through it is our fate
Mountains climbing to the sky
They are gorgeous to my eye
Virginia's walking up the road
Down her dress goes a horny toad
We are sitting in the grass
Skeeters biting off my....
BLM is just BS
Federal government, what a mess!
We're going over ridge of rock,
That turned out to be a crock.