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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

July 6, 1997

Location: Green River Crossing, Wyoming - Between Simpson's Hollow and Granger.

Summary: Sabbath day in Green River -- air conditioning at church, mosquitoes at camp.

Journal entry: Church was held at 3 PM at the Green River stake center to get away from the mobs of mosquitoes at camp. The stake center was 40 miles away from camp. Earlier in the day, they staged a ferry crossing of the river. Only a few wagons and one handcart crossed. No animals crossed.

It was nice to be in an air-conditioned building, away from the mosquitoes and heat. We had a testimony meeting. Many people bore their testimonies about how much they appreciate the love that is shared throughout the camp. Bre Cornell got up and shared her experience about her rapid recovery and the power of the priesthood. She looked like she was still in pain, but she was able to walk up by herself and smile. Larry "Turbo" Stewart got up and talked about his growing testimony. He said he has realized that he is out here for a reason. He has made good freinds with Elder Hugh Pinnock, and after talking together, he announced to us that "Hugh" will baptize him when we get to Salt Lake. Other baptisms are in the works.

We returned to the campsite by the Green River to prepare for bed. The mosquitoes are big and mean, but hopefully we will be out of here soon. All is well.