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Hosea Stout Journals

February 14, 1848

Summary: Money is collected for the different branches of the police. A portion of money is payed to Stout for dues which enabled him to buy a wagon to come West.

Journal entry: Mond Feb. 14th 1848. Rained last night. Warm day with south winds. Muddy roads. Today E. H. Groves returned home from his mission to the Branches on the East side of the river to raise funds for the police. Calkins & Gardner both having previously returned, ended their mission. The total amount subscribed by the brethren for the different branches for the police was 385 dollars and 53 cents. The total amount collected and actually realized by the police was only 378 dollars and 82 cents. Wanting 8 dollars 91 cents, this amount was paid in corn Beans: potatoes. turnips, cabbage, buckwheat pork, butter & clothing to considerable amounts. This was an advantage to the police, greater than any one could imagine, especially to those who did not know their wants. My proportion, as divided by per cent on my dues, amounted to about 65 dollars. Had it not been for this assistance I could not have made my out fit to come West. It was from this fund that I procured means to hire a wagon in order to come West.

Source: On the Mormon Frontier: The Diary of Hosea Stout 1844-1861 Volume I - Edited by Juanita Brooks. Permission to use excerpts granted by Utah State Historical Society and the University of Utah Press.