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William Clayton Journals

July 24, 1847

Location: Salt Lake Valley (the right place), Utah - The end destination for the trek across the plains.

Summary: President Young arrives at the settlement; Plans are made to send companies out to Cache and Utah Valleys.

Journal entry: SATURDAY, 24TH. The plowing is renewed and many have gone to planting potatoes. There is one drag going. Others are still at work on the dams. John Pack and Joseph Matthews returned at dark last night and reported the President and company a few miles tip Last Creek. They have gone back this morning to fix two bridges at the mouth of the canyon. The day is fine and hot with a nice breeze.

At a quarter to twelve, President Young and Kimball arrived and the wagons also began to arrive at the same time. The President seems much better and the sick generally are getting better. Most of the brethren express themselves well pleased with the place, but some complain because there is no timber. There appears to be a unanimous agreement in regard to the richness of the soil and there are good prospects of sustaining and fattening stock with little trouble. The only objection is a lack of timber and rain.

The latter God will send in its season if the Saints are faithful and I think yesterday was a proof that He listens to and answers the prayers of the Saints. We can easily irrigate the land at all events which will be an unfailing and a certain source of water, for the springs are numerous and the water appears good.

About 5:00 p. m. we were favored with another nice shower accompanied by thunder and some wind. It continued raining till nearly dark; the balance of the evening fine. Elder Kimball says that it is contemplated to send out an exploring party to start on Monday and proceed north to the Bear River and Cache valleys. They design taking several wagons with them and Presidents Young and Kimball accompany the expedition. Another company is to start at the same time and go west to the lake, then south to the Utah lake and return down this valley.

Source: William Clayton's Journal

Published by the Clayton Family Association, and edited by Lawrence Clayton. To the best of our research, this contents of this book are no longer under copyright.