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Osamu Sekiguchi Journals

May 29, 1997

Location: Bridgeport, Nebraska - Location: 41:39:55N 103:05:55W Elevation: 3653 feet

Summary: Thursday, May 29, 1997 (Cloudy / Fine / Rainy Day) Bridgeport 19C[66.2F] Altitude: 1135m Atmospheric pressur: 893hPa

Journal entry: [Translated By Ken Toma]

We overslept this morning. Usually, our breakfast is at 5:30, but today we ate during the meeting which was held right before leaving, at 6:30. Everyone was diligently listening to today's course, and the historical points we would be able to see, but we were diligently eating sausages and eggs. One bad thing was, we had very hot, hot chocolate. I can drink hot stuff, but everybody else in my family cannot drink it until it cools down. They have Cat Tongue. [Japanese people call those who can not drink hot stuff, "Cats Tongue" because cats cannot drink hot stuffs.] Usually they are OK, but especially when we are in a hurry, like this morning, the "cats" would show up!

I rather drink while it's hot. I do not like lukewarm. I like anything with either hot or cold. When I drink miso-soup, I am the kind of person who drink it up while it is very hot. I have decided that when I die, I will die of stomach cancer.

When I finished drinking the hot chocolate, other family members were still trying to cool theirs off.

"Hurry up, we are leaving."

It is so futile to say this, because I know that they cannot hurry. It was also easy to expect the answer, "It is too hot for me to drink!"

I told them, "Drink it in the covered wagon."

After all, they tried to drink it in the wagon, but it did not work out well. As soon as the wagon started to move, Koji spilled his cup. The cup was not that small, I believe it had about 12 oz in it. Hot chocolate was all over his body. "Ouch!" Koji shouted. Takako pulled his shirt and tried to keep it off from Koji's body. Koji distorted his face a little, but it seemed it was not a big deal. We first took his shirts off. Koji simpered and said "Feels good!!." Koji did not get burnt at all, but his clothes turned all brown. Additionally, it was wet so he could not wear it.

Takako told Koji to be without his closes on for a while. Koji giggled and said "Yahhh! How lucky!." What a silly kid!

Koji traveled on the wagon from Breakwater till Bridgeport without his shirt on.

It started to rain while I was setting up the tent. We are getting used to the rain. Children are wrestling inside the tent. The tent has a little space in which we can all relax. It has become kind of like our own home.