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Margaret Clark Journals

May 3, 1997

Location: Grand Island (Sturh Museum), Nebraska - Location: 40:55:30N 98:20:30W Elevation: 1864 feet

Summary: Chapman to Grand Island

Journal entry: I awoke early -before everyone else- as usual. My feet are swollen quite severely, but as I walked around, they felt pretty good. I was sure I could walk today. I got ready to go when the toes on my right foot started tingling and then got very painful. My guess was the nerves were being squashed from the swelling. I really wanted to walk today, but I don't want to permanently ruin my feet either. My heart says go; my head says no.

The bus left without me. I got into my car and drove into Grand Island and the 20th Century. Before leaving the Chapman area, a big wave of gratitude to the Baptist and Methodist churches for their great hospitality.Thanks, folks!

A shower, laundromat, shopping center, post office and cool park. What more could I ask for? A good newspaper. The Grand Island Independent filled the bill. Every paper across Nebraska has had headlines and colored pictures of the wagon train. The articles they run are really fun to read as we recognize some of our newest friends.

We are given a grand reception into Grand Island and Stuhr Museum where we are staying for the night. The day has been sunny and lovely. Just a slight breeze. As a result the fields are dry and the people from town flock to the train to look us over. The program tonight highlights the pioneers and ends with "God Bless America". What an appropriate song. America truly is a great country. We are a blessed people to have the privilege to live here. Only in America could we do what we are doing for the reason we are doing it.

It is a nice night to sleep under the stars.