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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

June 3, 1997

Location: Henry, Nebraska - Location: 41:59:55N 104:02:49W

Summary: Ripped overalls.

Journal entry: dear people of the world
They decided we would travel but they let us sleep in until 6:30.

We traveled 14 miles to henry it is a small very small town of 140. Our wagon train made the town triple at least in size.

It is really nice it is not too cold and not to hot just perfect. They have a nice park here and we played football and I ripped my overalls. This is my last pair just about.

We had some friends come midway the Duncans it will be nice to have some friends visit. They had the changing of the wagon masters so now our wagon master is Ben Kern he is a friend of my dads. We are really close to Wyoming.

Well this is dan from a field by a railway station in Henry Nebraska