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Margaret Clark Journals

July 1, 1997

Location: Farson, Wyoming

Summary: Advice from Kathy and Sarah.

Journal entry: Kathy and Sarah say:

Hello from Farson, Wyoming!! This is one of the greatest towns that we've been in so far. More than that, they've prepared for thousands to come out and visit us--you can spend a dollar and buy a HUGE icecream cone "big ones, small ones, some as big as your head."

That was from Sarah. This is Kathy, the other part of handcart four. We'd love to see y'all out here - tomorrow and Thursday are perfect - you've had enough of work. We are three hours from Salt Lake City, so come meet us.

Sarah will be helping you make dipped candles and hand-spun thread in the authentic camp.

No way Kathy, I'm not doing dipped candles in the authentic camp--but, I will do spinning--I've had too many headaches keeping very small children away from the burners. BUT --come on out and make a homespun bracelet. "How hard it is to keep from being King when it's in you and in the situation".

By the way, due to excessive weight on handcart four, we temporarily removed our "box O'ponchos" collected during the inclement weather. They are stashed with all the other uncherished gear in Margaret's motorhome.

Thanks Margaret!
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