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Margaret Clark Journals

April 17, 1997

Summary: Leaving Salt Lake City; traveling through Wyoming and part of Nebraska

Journal entry: After months of anticipation, the journey begins. Only one catch... I am driving the route backwards-from Salt Lake City to Omaha. My sister, Kathleen Fetzer and I left early this morning. Although I travelled this road when I was a little girl, it is new territory to me.

The growth in Summit County, Utah is astounding. Houses everywhere! The roads of Wyoming bring back memories of long trips of seeing wide,open spaces. We were impressed with the whiteness of the distant Uintah Mountains. Surely this is a year of ample snowfall.

Even Wyoming has snow on the sides of the roads. I hope the weather warms before we return!

Nebraska is a beautiful state and as I watched the sun set in the rear view mirror of my car, we pulled into Kearney, Nebraska, to stay the night with a very gracious family, Lon and Janet Pearson. He is a professor of languages at the Univ of Nebraska at Kearney and also the public relations director for the LDS Stake located here in central Nebraska. He gave us some wonderful insights on the people of Nebraska and their great anticipations for the upcoming Mormon Trek.

We are excited to really begin. I hope you will follow along and learn about the Mormon Trail in today's world.