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Margaret Clark Journals

May 4, 1997

Location: Grand Island (Sturh Museum), Nebraska - Location: 40:55:30N 98:20:30W Elevation: 1864 feet

Summary: Sunday in Grand Island

Journal entry: It was a pleasant sleep last night. A little frost this morning, but that is now refreshing. The skies are blue. The winds are moderate. The temperature has been delightful.

For church, we met in the field at the stage area. It was a very large crowd. We had a lovely choir from the local ward of the LDS Church. Stake Pres. Hill conducted the meeting. We had a few moments for the bearing of testimonies and a few other speakers.

The final speaker was Elder Christensen of the Seventy of the Church. His message to me was that the people who have gone on before, who traveled through this land, and who died are very pleased with our efforts this day. We are remembering their contributions by reading their journals and histories, by re-telling their stories, and by commemorating their lives. In remembering, we honor them. They then have not died in vain.

Sunday is such a wonderful day to rest. I am becoming more impressed each week with the value, wisdom and sanctity of the Sabbath and in keeping the Sabbath Day holy. It truly is a gift.