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Margaret Clark Journals

June 28, 1997

Location: Pacific Springs, Wyoming

Summary: A rest day; A fun day

Journal entry: We are at the top of the Continental Divide just beyond South Pass. It is awesome and grand. We can see forever, I'm sure. We slept in. It was nice. We had lots of french toast for breakfast and just were lazy. People in and out of the RV all morning. Kids laughing and talking and visiting----just like at home. I am glad my family is here. There are lots of teenagers their age and older kids. We have lots of fun times together.

This afternoon we took a van load of people up to South Pass City, an old historical mining town that has been restored. It was interesting and fun to visit. Then we found a good place on the Sweetwater River for a dip. We brought our swimming suits and went in. It was cold! But everybody braved it and went under. Joe just practically dove in. Pam was a little more cautious but eventually even washed her hair. Kathy Otterson went in all the way. She was a trooper. Danny and Aaron went in and let us all hear about it.

My Maren went in several times and even swam up the river. She has always been a fish. Nica and Dallin were a little more cautious but got wet, too. Art was afraid the cold would give him a heart attack, but he went in slowly and soaped down good. I finally fell in only to realize that the glacier lake I swam in at the top of Crow Pass in Alaska was much colder than this. It was really a heck of a lot of fun.

We dodged mosquitoes and ran back to the van and drove home. It was leftover spaghetti for dinner and a drive into Farson for dessert. We got the biggest ice cream cones I have EVER seen. And I ate it all! John Lodefink says he is getting the large cone next time. I want a picture of that.

How about a few updates? Pam is still wearing the shoes that were given to her in Scottsbluff. I only hear one rooster in the morning. I haven't seen Mike's rooster for awhile or Brian Hill's. I wonder what happened to them... You remember BC and Amy. They are still in love...and getting married on Sept. 13. Amy is making a button collection for her wedding. If you want to donate a button or two I'm sure she would appreciate the donation. The rule is...she can't ask for buttons, so other people have to ask for her. If you want to send buttons to Amy send them to:

Mormon Trail Wagon Train
Evanston, Wyoming

Lorraine is still pulling our porta-pots. She says she wants to pull them in the 24th of July parade in Salt Lake. We all love Lorraine. We have neat Seminary and Institute teachers who help us all the time with our water and sewer needs. We really appreciate them.

Our meals are really good, too. Since Sister Walker has come and been in charge, we have a good variety and it is good. Thanks so much. Gordon is doing really well. He walks everyday and feels really well. He looks good, too. Grant got new shoes today. He is so proud of them. But he looks funny walking around camp with the tags still attached to them. They flip, flap in the breeze.

Kathy and Sarah bought their year's supply of lentils and flour. I wondered why their cart was so heavy. With their food and a days supply of pink lightning, it gets pretty heavy. I understand the pink lightning recipe is a secret, but I watched the preparation the other day and I will tell you the secret. One gallon of water (straight from the water truck), a package of Country time lemon- berry sippers, and lastly a package of lemon ice Gatorade. I'm not sure of the amounts, but those are the magic ingredients. Somebody said they added a bit of kerosene, but I don't believe them. This really seems to "push" those people on Handcart 4 along.

Did you know that Handcart 4 is the "FunCart"? Sarah and Kathy have made up a song. The music is the Flintstones song. The words are:

FunCart. It's the funcart. We all want to be on Handcart 4.
When you're with the funcart, you can bring your stuff and bring some more.
What with all the stuff that's on our cart, we've got more than you'll find at Wal-Mart.
When you're on the funcart, put your little children on the bus.
You put them on the bus! May be we'll get to camp.
Words by Kathy and Sarah

Mike is still leader of the group. He shaved the other day and looks about 15 years old. Alex's pack is still 60 pounds and he carries it at the back every day. We like Alex!!!!!! His brother David and fiance, Heidi, have disappeared to go meet the family. I hope they come back.

Carli had really long, blond hair and got it cut.....severely cut. It is now between half an inch long and one lock that is about three inches. A rather strange haircut, but she looks good. She is cute! She reminds me of a story about my great great grandmother's older sister, Sarah, as they crossed the plains. Sarah had long beautiful, golden hair. One day while riding she took it down. The Indians saw her and wanted to buy her. They offered a whole band of horses, but her parents wouldn't sell her. The Indians became angry and said they would get her anyway. They followed the company two or three days, and searched and searched, but couldn't find her. The pioneers told the Indians she wasn't with them. She was up front with the guards, a slender youth with a hat pulled way down, carrying a gun.

Roger and Lisa are troopers. They still have walked every step. Heber and Jonathon are as crazy as ever. They had a little incident with Stephanie over a little flying water, and Jonathon ended up with a bloody nose and near-broken glasses. It was interesting.

Johnathon Tyler was walking on the top of the handcart wheel doing a great balancing act, when Heber dared him to do the 360 degree hold-onto-the-wheel circle. Johnathon held on and Heber pushed the cart. Jon went completely around and held on. Jonathon Dew tried it too. He wasn't so lucky.

Ted, Joe, Pam, Ken, Beverly, and Gordon took their handcart completely over Rocky Ridge the other day when the walkers went back to walk Rocky Ridge. That handcart is a legend. I think Virginia's went too. Virginia has the "Ladies Cart." The only pushers are women. Melanie, Rhonda,and Katy- Shiner (for her beautiful black eye) are just part of the women. Shiner has a great story about how she got her black eye. She was an outrider when she saw a runaway wagon, full of women and little children, headed toward a ravine---a sure death. Shiner jumped on the wagon, grabbed the lines, and stopped the horses, just before plunging to their death in a deep ravine. It's a great tale. The real story is she was doing a back flip in a bathroom and landed on her face.

Earl is now in charge of his own handcart. He recruits helpers everyday, but he has gotten strong, and does most of it himself. But helpers are always wanted. Earl is helping the cooks now, too. He is a man of many talents. Nancy and Jackie have a handcart. Jackie, a small four year old does flips from the ribs of the cart while we pull her. She has no inhibitions as the cameramen film her doing acrobatics in her underpants... She is so funny. Pete and the Josephs are always available to help anyone. John and Doug help with Tylers cart. They are the rocks that can always be counted on.

We had the greatest greenies the last few days.....the Twitchell family from Albuquerque, New Mexico.......Chad, Joann and kids. They taught us the Banana Song. They were great! WE all loved them. Those kids walked the full 17 miles the second day. That was a great accomplish- ment. And it was Paul who pushed the cart up the hill.

We have a new handcart family with us who joined at Casper. They are tough. I call him Tall Man. They're from Kearns, Utah, and they are going to the Valley. They are Robert and Harmony Race. Kids are Ryan, Amy and Ashley.

We also have Reed Martin from Castledale. He'll be with us to the Valley, too. Kimberly Herterich got a flat tire that day we had almost 40 flat tires out on the trail. She is a strong woman...still there for her kids, Arianna, Jeremiah, Orrin, Rebecca.

Bob is the never-ending carrier of the American flag. He and Grant try to recruit carriers of the flag, and many people have taken a turn. Joseph Johnstun is always around. His hair is long and I want to be there when he gets it cut.

We also have the Proud family. There is mom, Julie, daughters Cindy, Amy, and Elizabeth. Julie is a stalwart on the cart. Then there are Jolene's family: Jolene does the hay dispersal for the teamsters. She does a great job.....no matter how late it is. Her kids are: Jacob, Michael, Melissa, Sarah, Amy, and Allison. What a fun family they are to have with us.

Then there's Crystal and her kids. They are Angie, Leanna, and Kevin. Stephanie is here with her parents, Glen and Margaret. Stephanie gets to ride on a wagon when it gets really dusty, otherwise, she walks with us. Naomi, Carli, Amy, Jenny,and Shalisse spend a lot of time on wagons now.

We have Aaron, Danny, And how can I forget Sue. She usually walks ahead of the train and we don't see her much of the time, but she has walked all the way. What a woman! Don't forget Sherilyn and Kristel Tyler. They belong to Nathan and John. Taylor came and went. Miss you, Taylor. James Fairbourne pulled a cart for two days. I guess he qualifies as an honorary walker...as does Russ.

I know I've forgotten a lot of walkers and I haven't even mentioned anybody on the wagons or the outriders. There are just so many good people here, and I can't get around to them all. But we pass on the road, wave, and cheer each other on. It's truly a family. But, since this is my journal (my only journal!), I guess I can only write what I know, and this is what I know.