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Margaret Clark Journals

June 6, 1997

Location: Fort John/Laramie - 508 m. left, Wyoming - Location: 42:12:46N 104:31:00W Elevation: 4250 feet (Fort lays about 1-1/2 miles west from the river. Ford is good in low water. River 108 yards wide. Wall and houses are adobe, or Spanish brick. Altitude, 4,090 feet) -522 miles from Winter Quarters

Summary: A rest day at Ft. Laramie.

Journal entry: Today we had a rest day at the beautiful Ft. Laramie National Historic Site. The countryside is out of a photograph album. Cameras were busy today. The employees here are wonderfully attentive to our needs and I'm sure all of the employees are working extra shifts. They really are very kind and helpful. It was great to be able to use their facilities and enjoy this area of Wyoming.

The old buildings of the fort are still standing.....well some of them are. They are really interesting to visit. Even the ruins make for interesting pictures with the camp in the background. Our numbers tonight are swelling as we anticipate having over 500 walkers tomorrow. Cars, RVs, tents, trailers, wagons and people cover acres and acres of ground. To me it is an incredible sight. I watch people drive up in their cars and they are smiling and you can just see the anticipation in their eyes as they view the sight. We look forward to a good, SHORT, walking day.

Well, I spent time in the Souvenir trailer today with Jury Toone. He is so good with the people. You can tell he really enjoys what he is doing. He and is wife., MarJean, are volunteers to the wagon train. They were asked to come and be in charge of the souvenirs. They spent weeks before they came preparing the trailer. It was donated by the trailer manufacturer and they received a loaner truck from a car dealership in Salt Lake City. The people and resources that came out of the woodwork in their behalf was nothing short of a miracle.

They are really fun people to be with. I think MarJean and I could sit and laugh for hours. She is a hoot (rather an old expression).

I really enjoyed working with the people who came to the trailer to buy stuff. Since we couldn't sell at the fort, we set up on a private business at the town of Ft. Laramie. It was right on the main road to the fort. We were opened for only a few hours but did a pretty good business. I think I will be with them again tomorrow night after the day's walk.

Today Gordon got out of the hospital. Ted drove him over the trail that we have travelled in the last eight days so that Gordon could see the entire route. Gordon really is looking well. He has lost some weight, but he is chipper and happy to be back. We gave him a resounding cheer. The plan is to fix up a hand-cart for Gordon to ride in with lots of padding and mattresses. Hopefully, it won't be too bumpy for him. I guess he will want to get out and walk a little occasionally. It is soooooo good to have him back with us.

Ted has been Gordon's brother. To watch the love and companionship that has developed between those two men is truly heart-warming. We also took care of Gordon's British flag. While we had the opportunity, many of us carried it in honor of our British ancestry. It was really an honor. I am afraid that now that Gordon is back, he won't share his flag. He loves that flag.

Well, I am tired and will go to bed. HappyNetTrekking!!!