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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

June 8, 1997

Location: Guernsey, Wyoming - Location: 42:16:11N 104:44:28W Elevation: 4361 feet

Summary: Rest day in Guernsey

Journal entry: I got to sleep in today and get ready with plenty of time before the church services. Before church, I went over to Virginia's trailer to bake a birthday cake for Laura Hess. Virginia must have sensed that I was not an expert cake-baker, and she furnished moral support along the way. She promised to take it out of the oven for me.

Church was outside. It was very hot, but it was enjoyable to sit near the Platte river. Amy and I both sang with the choir. We sang a hymn called "Faith in Every Footstep". The composer's name is Newell Daley. He came out to ride on the wagon train about two weeks ago. Amy knows him, and he asked her to get a small choir together so we can sing it with the Tabernacle Choir sometime when we are in Utah.

After church, Amy and Stephanie helped decorate the cake and we went over to have a birthday party for both Laura and Janae. We discovered that Laura had put on a bathing suit under her T-shirt just in case someone wanted to give her a birthday dunk. So, Kenny and I grabbed her ankles and wrists and gave her a one-two-three into the river. She loved it. (We hope)

Before it got too late, we went with Amy's mom over to the nearby Register Cliffs, a famous landmark where hundreds of pioneers inscribed their names. It was fun to read names and dates from as early as the 1820's. I sometimes wonder if the graffiti we read on today's walls will be viewed as historic material someday.