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Wendy Westergard Journals

June 12, 1997

Location: Glenrock, Wyoming - Location: 42:51:41N 105:52:18W

Summary: another short day-with a shower

Journal entry: We only traveled 15 miles today. The first part of the day was 4-wheeling in wagons again. It was great fun. I'm sure the teamsters felt the challenge. We were jostled about left and right everywhere. It was a very bumpy ride. Shawn slept through about half of it. I have no idea how he was able to do this great feat. If we had had things hanging up in the wagon I'm sure they would have all fallen down. The rolling hills were beautiful. There were wild flowers growing all over. Purple, yellow white and pick. Jane, Shauna and Sarah picked a bouquet.

After the first break we moved on to asphalt which was around 10 o'clock in the afternoon. I slept the last half of the day in the wagon. Keith, Shawn and I played human sardines in the back of the wagon with lots of things in the back. How you play this is: squish people laying on each other--in a comfortable position and try and sleep, as you are being jostled about.

This is a very nice camp ground. It is very green and has lots of trees. Most of the trees are Landsleve Cottonwood. They are starting to shed their cottonballs. The only problem with that is if there are lots of bugs about it is hard to tell the difference between what you are smacking. Half the time you are only smacking cotton rather than the actual mosquitos. The only problem with not smacking at all is you get a lot of mosquito bites.

People's spirits are back up. Most everyone is back to being in a good mood. Thank goodness....it would be terrible if we stayed in them. We mostly are a good lively bunch with oodles of enthusiasm. We are quite an upbeat bunch.

P.S. Nathan--your family is doing well despite not having a support vehicle. You are missed, we think of you often. We hope to have you back soon. Have an awesome time at the concert!! Remember to study in there sometime so you can do well on your exam.