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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

June 20, 1997

Location: Split Rock, Wyoming

Summary: Martin's Cove to Split Rock -- Horrific wind, dust, and wagon ruts

Journal entry: The mornings are getting warmer these days, making it easier to wake up. Amy and I had a problem getting breakfast and getting packed. The wagon train left without us, and we had to have a ride to catch up. We stood on the rear bumper of a Jeep Cherokee as we rode past the wagons and up to the handcarts. Just when we caught up, they took a water break.

Soon the Wyoming wind picked up. It was horrific. We have covers on our handcarts, and the canvas tarps act as sails in the wind. The hilly terrain was no problem, but the wind made it a tough pull. The wind was responsible for blowing lots of dust. Little children had it the worst, for some reason. Jackie, Nancy's little daughter, was in tears.

It is important to drink lots of water out here. The days are not very hot, but the dry wind will dehydrate you very fast. Many people come out with tiny water bottles and they forget to drink often. The new slogan is, "drink, drink, drink".

Our last 8 miles were across the original Mormon, Oregon, and Pony Express wagon ruts. It was a two-track trail across the hilly sage-covered land. Right before we got to camp, we had to cross a small stream. Some people took off their boots and crossed in bare feet. I didn't, because there was a steep climb right after the stream bed. We are camped right below "Split Rock" -- a rock formation that looks like a gun sight.

hi. this is Amy. i am tired today. bone tired. i love this desert. it is beautiful. i always think it is beautiful. this trail is wonderful. i especially like the rocks. i got a letter from mom today. she sent some allergy medicine. thank goodness. i am not sure what i am allergic to out here. maybe the sage brush.

B.C,. and i had a nice talk last night. sometimes, even though we are together a lot we don't get to talk. I am hard to talk to when i am working on a project. i hear what people say to me but my responses take awhile. i love it when we can just talk. i think that is a key to good relationships. talk. i wonder how deborah is. and alisha... it will be fun to call some of my old buddies when i get home. it is very hard to keep in touch with people out here. bye.